Nina Wadia's pregnancy tears

Nina Wadia burst into tears when she discovered her 'EastEnders' alter-ego was pregnant.

The actress who plays Zainab Masood in the BBC soap admits she wasn't pleased after being told the mother-of-three would be extending her family because it meant she would have to wear a false pregnancy bump.

She said: "The truth? I practically burst into tears! From a purely aesthetic point of view, the thought of having to come in early to put on foam and then sweat while filming… I get very hot on set and we have to pretend that it's winter before it is, so we have to wear extra clothing. Just the thought of it made me cry! Because I'm quite a new mum in real life, to have to have kids at work as well also made me tear up!"

Nina also says her character is struggling to come to terms with the pregnancy because she's in her 40s and already has three grown-up children.

She told Digital spy "Well, it comes down to her age. I actually have a lot of friends around this age who have found themselves in this situation. It's a huge deal. It's not as if you're in your 20s having just got married and you actually want a child. It's more, 'I've been there, done that and I'm tired'. Zainab's quite a feisty woman and she wants to do a lot more than be a mother. She loves the fact she has a business to run and has a career. It's a terrifying prospect for her to have another child because it just throws all of her plans.''

Source - Virgin Media


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