'Protective' Kara Tointon

Kara Tointon feels "protective" of her 'EastEnders' character.

The 25-year-old actress who plays randy barmaid Dawn Swann in the BBC soap wishes scriptwriters would give Dawn some happier storylines.

She said: "I'm pretty protective of Dawn you can't help it after living this funny double life for so long.

"Sometimes I do get upset over some of the decisions made about what Dawn's going to do next. I personally think she's learned her lesson by now, but the writers don't agree with me."

Dawn's fiancé Jase Dyer was murdered just before their wedding, and she is now in a relationship with Garry Hobbs but is having an affair with hardman Phil Mitchell.

Kara added: "We get our scripts and do our best, though. I sometimes wish I could write what Dawn gets up to - but that's not by job, and I'm sure I wouldn't be very good at it."

Kara who is quitting the soap has previously admitted she is unhappy that Dawn is having an affair.

She said: "I'm really upset that Dawn is hurting Garry again. I can't believe she didn't learn her lesson the last time things went wrong. Viewers have been telling me not to break his heart everyone loves Garry!"

Source - Virgin Media


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