Samantha Womack's baby ban

Samantha Womack has been "banned from breeding".

The EastEnders actress is desperate to have more children with her husband Mark Womack, they already have young children Ben and Lily-Rose together, while Mark has a teenage son from his previous marriage but he is not so keen.

She said: "I'd love to have more. I'd like a really huge family, But I've promised Mark that I won't yet - not for a couple of years anyway. Lily is about to start school, so it'll be nice to have a breather. I've been banned from breeding!"

Samantha whose maiden name is Janus and Mark tied the knot at London's Claridge's hotel in May, and admits there are some aspects of married life she is still getting used to.

She explained: "It's freaking me out having a new name! In the make-up department they spent 40 minutes working out who Samantha Womack was. They thought it was the woman who owns the dogs!"

Source - Virgin Media


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