Samantha Womack's tough job

Samantha Womack thinks 'EastEnders' is the hardest acting job she's ever had to do.

The blonde actress who plays troubled Ronnie Mitchell in the BBC soap says appearing in a continuing drama is very challenging because she has to act natural all the time.

She said: "'EastEnders' is the most difficult job I've ever done in terms of acting. To act as a 'real person' every day, you've got to forget everything they teach you at drama school. When we do shoots and you're not 100 per cent committed, it shows. There's nothing you can hide behind and it's absolutely terrifying."

Samantha whose alter-ego is currently grieving the death of her daughter, who she thought had died years ago only to be reunited moments before she was killed in a car accident, admits playing Ronnie is hard because she's very miserable.

She told Inside Soap magazine: "Ronnie's a tragic heroine, people always want things to work out for her, but they never quite do. I don't think Ronnie ever laughs! She's so dramatic."

Source - Virgin Media


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