Tabledancing Sam

The show's original Mitchell sister makes her screen comeback on Friday, September 4 on BBC One, but as expected, her first scenes are the week's 'duff duff' moment. I won't ruin her first lines, but let's just say Bianca's left reeling.

Her first proper scenes go to air on Monday, September 7 as the Mitchells and Bianca deal with the fallout of her sudden return. Peggy's delighted by her daughter's comeback, while Phil insists that it's not safe for her to be back in the area as the police are still after her.

Despite Billy's caution to be careful, Sam heads downstairs into the bar for a drink. There, Patrick asks whether the charges against her have been dropped, with Sam responding 'pretty much'. Bianca's devastated as she overhears Ricky explaining that the day he spent with Sam in Brazil was one of the best of his life.

Upstairs, meanwhile, Phil's searching for his sister's passport but his attention soon deviates when he can't find Sam anywhere. Panicking, he heads into the bar with Peggy and they're shocked to find Sam dancing on a table...

How will the Mitchells deal with Sam's sudden return?

Will the police catch up with her? One thing's for sure, family lawyer Ritchie Scott's involved...

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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