Windsor sad over Lamb's exit

Barbara Windsor has admitted that she feels disappointed over Larry Lamb's forthcoming EastEnders departure.

The 72-year-old actress, who plays Peggy Mitchell on the BBC One soap, confirmed that she enjoys the experience of working alongside Lamb and is a fan of his villainous character Archie.

Lamb returned to filming at the BBC One soap earlier this year but Archie will leave once again at the end of his current storyline.

Reflecting on the developments, Windsor told PA: "I still don't think I've got over Mr Lamb going because they don’t make leading men like him anymore."

She added: "That's just Peggy's luck isn't it? She gets the right man and he has to be a rotter."

Lamb was cast in the role of Archie in early 2008.

Source - Digital Spy


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