Archie Mitchell's pub scam

Archie Mitchell plans to get the Mitchells out of the Queen Vic in 'EastEnders'.

The controlling soap gangster who is trying to win back the heart of his wife Peggy Mitchell who threw him out on their wedding day after his deceit and lies were exposed will conspire with Janine Butcher to get the Mitchell family out of the pub they own, after being humiliated by them.

With Peggy's daughter, Sam, in prison and needing bail, the family initially turn to Archie for the money but after he stipulates he wants to move back in the pub in return, they go elsewhere for the money, leaving Archie humiliated and planning revenge.

Larry Lamb, who plays Archie, said: "He turns to Janine. That's still cooking. It's a stew that will be cooking for a while. He gives her money and tells her they are going to being the Mitchells down by getting their hands on The Vic.

Larry also said there's a possibility of Archie and former prostitute Janine getting together in the soap.

He added: "He might have a sexual relationship with her. I think they fancy each other and she's definitely into older men. I think she could raise a gallop in the old horse!"

He also told of how the Queen Vic has a deeper symbolic meaning to ruthless businessman Archie.

Larry added: "He realises that getting the Mitchells out of The Vic would be the most hurtful thing he could do. It's not just another piece of property. It represents something.

Source - Virgin Media


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