Award 'proves critics wrong'

When Danielle Jones was mown down by a car moments after her mum discovered who she really was there was an outcry among EastEnders fans.

But the show must have done something right, because the gripping plot picked up its second gong last night.

The tale of Archie's torment and Danielle's death was named Best Storyline at the Inside Soap Awards, just weeks after Danielle and Ronnie's story won Best Soap Storyline at the TV Quick and TV Choice Awards.

And ex-EastEnder Lauren Crace said the honour proves to critics that it was the right decision for the soap to have her character killed off.

Lauren said: "I do understand why people were upset because it was such a long build-up and then it culminated in one episode. But this is the second storyline award we've won now so in the long run, looking back I think it was the best way for it to end.

She added: "I was never going to be there for ever, it was always a short contract for me and I was happy with that. So for the characters that are remaining like Ronnie, Archie and Stacey, it gives them amazing stuff to work with next year."

Source - Holy Soap


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