Bradley & Stacey have a heart to heart

Bradley stuns Stacey by revealing that he is moving to Canada with Syd!

But he drops an even bigger bombshell when he tells his ex that making her get rid of their baby is the biggest regret of his life.

Stacey is hiding a secret of her own and eventually confesses to Bradley that she is bipolar.

Although she persuades Bradley to go ahead with his move abroad, Stacey is devastated and stops taking her medication.

Their emotional heart-to-heart comes when the pair get locked in a room during a game at Amira's party.

Bradley tells Stacey about his plans to move to Toronoto with Syd and Noah.

"Stacey cant' take it all in and has mixed emotions," says Lacey Turner, who plays her.

"Bradley confides in her about his feelings and fears of responsibility, but it's all too much."

When Stacey takes a tablet, a horrified Bradley thinks she is using illegal drugs.

So she tells him the truth she has bipolar disorder, like her mum.

Bradley says he will miss her, then admits he always thinks how different things would have been if they had kept their baby.

"It's hard for Stacey to hear and come to terms with," adds Lacey.

The next day, their divorce papers come through and broken-hearted Stacey secretly stops taking her pills.

"She doesn't want the medication to control her life," explains Lacey.

"But her illness is making her future look uncertain and hazy."

Source - The Sun


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