June Brown: 'Stage role terrified me'

EastEnders star June Brown has admitted that she initially turned down her role in the stage version of Calendar Girls.

The 82-year-old actress, who plays Albert Square legend Dot Branning, signed up to strip off for the part of Jessie in the West End production earlier this year.

Discussing her decision in an interview with This Morning, Brown revealed: "I said no at first and asked wasn't there a smaller part?

"But the team said think again and I thought, well, they were being so nice that I said I would do it and thought it'd be a change for me! I was terrified. I haven't spoken on a big stage for 12 years let alone take my kit off."

Meanwhile, former Walford star Jill Halfpenny told viewers that she was less concerned about showing off her body for her own role in the play.

She commented: "I was more worried about getting the keys right on playing a few chords on the piano correctly! I was terrified. That was far worse than taking my clothes off!"

Source Digital Spy


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