Marc Elliott Defends Plot

Marc Elliott says his Muslim character's gay affair in 'EastEnders' mirrors real life.

The actor defended the BBC soap storyline which has sees his soon-to-be-married Muslim alter ego Syed Masood embark on a passionate secret affair with Christian Clark saying he's received much support from the Muslim community.

Marc said: "I actually got a letter from a gay Muslim who had the same situation as Syed 10 years ago. He told his family and now they've accepted him and his partner. I have lots of lovely letters and, surprisingly, no bad feedback at all."

Marc warns that he doesn't think there's much chance of a happy ending for Syed and Christian however, and that his character will carry on living in denial with Amira Shah.

He said: "He's confused. He's being driven by lust but he also wants to be a good Muslim and make his family proud.

"He wants to marry Amira and have children because he thinks that's what he should do."

Source - Virgin Media


Anonymous said…
Nooooo dont say that lool
Pleasee there has got to be a chance he will end up with Christian its the best thing to happen to Eastenders in a long time hahaha :D Im sure alot of people agree with me.
Besides doesnt everything come out in the end??
Love Jess Xxx
Anonymous said…
Christian and Syed are perfect and they should be together. Syed should do what is right and go with who he truely loves (Christian) lol. Xxx
jamaljeesto121 said…
syed and amira should be together they look perfect couple, they can make happy family,
Anonymous said…
I think that syed should end up with christian the one he really loves. you can tell that syed loves christian back just as much, so if he doesnt end up with him i might end up crying for christian's sake because he is my favourite character along with syed, which is why i was so happy when they both admitted they loved each other but then i almost died when syed said he would marry amira, i want it to all end well for christian as you can tell that he really loves syed <3 x
love Danielle x
Anonymous said…
Syed and Chrstian are supposed to be together Syed keeps saying he loves Christian but he still wants to be with amira but i think Syed should be with Christian
Love Meghan xxx
Anonymous said…
i am actually in love with the hole story syed and christian shud totally be togeather becuz thts for the best :D please say this will happen :D
Anonymous said…
There would be no Chryed without Christian and Syed, these two are perfect together. I wanna see a gay wedding and a happy ever after and where all families learn to accept one another, and i would love to see it happen. They have both said i love you to each other what more could they ask for apart from each other.

Love Kathryn Xxx
Anonymous said…
Nooo i hope there is a happy ending for them! They're the best couple on eastenders!!
asmeena said…
i hate syed and i don't like christian and to be together again i hate syed and christian
Anonymous said…
lol i hate him so muchhristian and syed they're stuped

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