McDermott: Ryan's cautious of Janine, Archie

Relative EastEnders newcomer Neil McDermott has revealed that his character Ryan Mallor shows his jealous side as he starts to question Janine Burther's involvement with Archie Mitchell.

On the red carpet at this year's Inside Soap Awards, he told DS: "Janine's got a plan where they want to do one over on Archie and gets Ryan in on it. Her long-term plan involves getting with Ryan and getting Archie out of the equation."

When asked about Janine's plot to orchestrate Archie's downfall, he continued: "I think at first, her idea is that [Ryan's] just part of the plan, but Archie's that clever that he can windle his way in and find a way to get Janine around his little finger."

He added: "Ryan starts wondering if Janine's got more going on with Archie than she's letting on and he starts getting jealous - you see Ryan getting jealous for the first time, which is good! It starts getting a bit more complicated."

Source - Digital Spy


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