Naked Janine

Next week, Chelsea strikes it lucky when she wins £2,000 on a scratchcard using a spare tenner her dad Lucas lends her. Ryan and Janine immediately spot an opportunity, so Janine sets to work trying to sell the young Fox a knock-off designer handbag. Ryan thwarts Janine's attempts and instead orchestrates a mugging.

Janine returns home and finds Chelsea's stash of cash on her bed and when Ryan walks in, Janine's laid out in bed covered in notes.

Ryan calmly tells her, "That's my money," prompting her to retort, "Well you'd better take it back then". With that, Ryan walks towards her with a grin on his face...

These scenes air on Friday 11 September on BBC One

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


Dylan said…
Why do that !!
Anonymous said…
I'd help her out!
Anonymous said…
she is sexy id help her! if i was wiv janine then i would have sex wiv her every day!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Fuckin hell
She has one smoking body
If i was Ryan I would have sex with every minute of every day.
Anonymous said…
I masturbate ( wank) over her. Im wanking while writing this.
Anonymous said…
The only thing hotter then her is the sun.
Mother fuck.
She is the sexiest thing I've ever seen.
I would never stop having sex with her.

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