Partridge: 'Christian, Syed is a love story'

EastEnders actor John Partridge has insisted that his character Christian's storyline with Syed is more than just a "gay muslim" plot, branding it a love story between two people who have fallen for each other in impossible circumstances.

Speaking to DS at last night's Inside Soap Awards ceremony, he said: "The letters that I've received, some of them have been heartbreaking and touching and it seems like this is a story that's waited a long time to be told. Maybe it has been told before, but you know with something like EastEnders, it's so pushed forward."

He added: "It's so easy to focus on this 'gay muslim' storyline, but that's not what it is. It's a love story about two people who fall in love in impossible circumstances... now that the story's playing out, people are realising that there's a lot more to it... and it's actually quite sensitive and beautiful in a way."

Source - Digital Spy


Anonymous said…
Well said John. I think it's a great storyline, and ituations like this crop up in real life more often than people realise. Similar plots have been done before, but never in this way. I think John and Marc have been fantastic! Well done guys.

Ruth, Manchester

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