Scott Maslen's character forget

Scott Maslen doesn't remember returning 'EastEnders' characters because he never used to watch the show.

The actor who plays bad boy Jack Branning in the BBC series says he only ever watched soaps when urged by his mother when he was younger.

He said to BANG Showbiz: "They keep bringing people back, but to be honest with you, I never used to watch 'EastEnders' apart from when I was young, when I was forced to by my mum.

"When I was 15 I was straight out of there. I didn't watch much telly anyway, so a lot of the faces, they'll all probably come back, but a lot of them I don't even know."

However, one cast member he couldn't fail to remember, was Danniella Westbrook, whose scandals both on and off the screen made her notorious.

Speaking at the TV Quick awards, Scott said: "Danniella Westbrook is back now, I remember her, I'm working with her quite a bit.

"Nick Cotton came back, it's all the old legends, they come in and have a bit of, like the masters football, then they leave the rest of us alone for a while.

"But since I've been in 'EastEnders' everybody gets along there isn't any ego. When you're working on something that's so intensive you've got to just get on with it. There's nobody in the show that demands or expects anymore than any else."

Source - Virgin Media


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