Archie Mitchell to get engaged to Janine

Archie Mitchell and Janine Butcher are to get engaged in 'EastEnders'.

The soap villain who is has been revealed will be killed off at Christmas will make his shock proposal as part of his scheme to get back at estranged wife Peggy Mitchell, whom he has vowed revenge on.

Archie is determined to take Peggy's pub, The Queen Vic, from her, and plans to install Janine, her arch nemesis, as its new landlady.

An insider said: "It's the sort of blow that will destroy Peggy's world. She'll have to muster all the strength she's got to come back fighting from this trauma."

Archie's proposal to Janine is even more shocking as he knows she and lover Ryan Malloy have been plotting to double cross him. The offer to become landlady of the Vic is not one she can resist, however.

The source added: "To see her despised former stepmum turfed out with nothing is Janine's dream. She'll take great pleasure in Peggy's misery."

Source - Virgin Media


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