'Avenging Angel' Lucas Johnson

Don Gilet warns his 'EastEnders' character believes he is "God's Avenging Angel" and capable of murder.

The British actor said his character, Lucas Johnson, has developed a twisted relationship with God in his mind since the accidental death of his ex-wife Trina, and is now on a reckless revenge path which could see him deal a fatal blow to love rival Owen Turner.

He said: "He's squared Tina's death by telling himself it was God's will. But his relationship with God is becoming increasingly warped. Lucas sees himself as God's Avenging Angel. He didn't mean to kill Trina during their violent tussle. But he does believe God meant it to happen."

Lucas becomes obsessed with splitting Owen up from his partner, Denise Wicks, whom he believes is the "perfect woman" and calls on Owen with a knife just before heading to propose marriage to Denise.

Don added: "He takes the knife as a deterrent, he'll only use it if he has to. He knows that, like him, Owen understands violence.

"He wants to claim Denise as a trophy wife. He can say to the world and Owen, 'Look at me, this is the woman I have got'."

Source - Virign Media


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