Darren is Trott tot's dad!

Still reeling from the revelation that he is baby George's dad, Darren breaks down in tears when Heather confirms he is definitely the father.

But later he can't resist cuddling his boy for the first time

"It's a huge shock," says Charlie G Hawkins, who plays Darren. "Yet holding George makes it all real."

Darren's happiness is short-lived though, because Shirley guesses he is the little mite's dad.

Will she spread the sensational secret around Walford?

As the week begins, a shell-shocked Darren watches from across the Square as Heather brings George home from the hospital.

Later, Darren goes to see Heather and tearfully offers to support them financially but refuses to hold his newborn son.

And he's relieved when Heather assures him she will keep the paternity a secret.

"Darren is petrified that Libby is going to find out," admits Charlie.

However, the urge to see his son becomes so strong that Darren pays Heather another visit, and this time he tenderly cradles George in his arms.

But the moment is ruined when Shirley bursts in and puts two and two together!

Darren rushes out, but Shirley catches up with him and threatens to tell Denise the truth unless he gives Heather some space.

"Deep down, Darren is a good guy and he wants to do the decent thing," adds Charlie. "But he knows he has to keep Shirley sweet.

"I think, gradually, he will want to be a part of the baby's life - but that all depends on how Libby would react if she knew."

Source - The Sun


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