Danniella Westbrook's sensible exit

Danniella Westbrook admits it makes "sense" for her to leave 'EastEnders'.

The actress who reprised her role as Sam Mitchell in the BBC soaplast month will see her alter-ego leave Albert Square once more, but thinks it's for the best.

She said: "I'll be sad to leave because I've really enjoyed my time here again. I'll miss it when it's not here everyday, but with the way the story goes, it makes sense for Sam to leave."

Although she's leaving, Danniella says she's been thrilled with her brief return.

She told digitalspy.co.uk: "To be honest, I've been over the moon with it. Although it's been a lot of work, it's been really, really good for me. Every time Sam's come back before, she hasn't had much to do, so it's been great that they've really thrown her in there. It's been fantastic."

She continued: "I didn't ever expect to come back, so it was a really nice surprise to be asked. I was really happy with just the three months to fulfil the storyline and get some closure on it. Then maybe who knows what'll happen next year."

Source - Virgin Media


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