EastEnders Christmas plot revealed

EastEnders villain Archie Mitchell is to be killed off at Christmas, sparking another Walford murder mystery.

The Albert Square schemer, played by veteran actor Larry Lamb, will meet a grisly end in the Queen Vic after plotting to take over the pub with Janine Butcher for months.

Phil Mitchell is expected to emerge as the prime suspect in the case. Fans have already seen the hardman threatening Archie due to his treatment of Mitchell matriarch Peggy.

Archie's co-conspirator Janine is also being tipped as a likely perpetrator. She bumped off her husband Barry Evans in a memorable 2004 plotline.

Meanwhile, Mitchell sisters Roxy and Ronnie have disowned their father due to his roguish ways.

A source told The Sun: "Since Archie first arrived in Walford he's managed to lie, cheat and manipulate everyone around him. Over the next few months he is set to get even worse so it's fair to say he's made enemies of enough people who'll be glad to see the back of him."

Lamb first hinted at a gruesome end for Archie in an interview with DS last month, saying: "It's all going very wrong. I think he's involved himself in some deep, dark stuff and I've got the beginnings of an inkling of an idea that it's all about to turn terribly nasty for Archie."

The actor joined EastEnders in March 2008 and his character quickly began to cause fireworks within the Mitchell clan.

Source - Digital Spy


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