EastEnders Ronnie a psycho thriller

EastEnders maneater Ronnie Mitchell is set to fall into bed with her most unsuitable lover yet - psychopathic ex-con Owen Turner.

Evil Owen, who was jailed for trying to murder his daughter Libby, makes an explosive Walford return this autumn after three years in the clink.

Horrified by the twisted villain's comeback, most of Albert Square's residents give him the cold shoulder.

However, Ronnie, who is fast becoming the Queen Vic's most unhinged Mitchell, offers him a job leaving her family terrified for her safety. Since long-lost daughter Danielle died, Ronnie has become so desperate to conceive she'll even consider a man who tried to kill his daughter as the daddy.

Our spy at the soap's Elstree studios said of the couple: "This isn't a relationship that will end happily.

"Two obsessives together is a recipe for disaster."

Source - The Sun


MackMac said…
Asking for trouble that would be. But hasn't Ronnie tried for a baby with Joel without his consent? But I think saying she's a "man-eater" is a bit of an overstatement. That's sounds more like Roxy to be honest. It'd be interesting to see how that goes.

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