Fan credits EastEnders for bipolar diagnosis

An EastEnders fan has spoken of how she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder thanks to Walford favourite Stacey Branning.

Jade Anderton, 22, visited a psychiatrist in June after her loved ones noticed that she was suffering from many of the same symptoms as Lacey Turner's troubled character.

In recent months, fans have seen Stacey behaving erratically as she experiences extreme highs and lows due to the condition.

Anderton told The Sun: "I watch EastEnders all the time and I could see where the storylines were going, but for some reason it just didn't click. But my friends were saying 'You're exactly like her'. I just couldn't see it."

Reflecting on her eventual diagnosis, she continued: "It was hard to accept, but it gave me closure. For years and years I had this feeling that if I went to the doctors they would say, 'Look, there's something wrong with you but there is nothing we can do about it'. At least I can treat my condition now."

Anderton has experienced bipolar symptoms since the age of 12. Since the recent developments, she has been taking medication and attending help groups run by the charity Mind.

She said: "My confidence is growing, and I'm happier now that I understand the condition. One day I would like to work for a charity that helps people like me. It's amazing how much Mind has helped."

EastEnders producers worked closely with Mind and other mental health charities when devising Stacey's plotline.

Source - Digital Spy


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