Fergison: 'Darren will be a good dad'

EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison has insisted that her screen son's father Darren Miller will be a good dad.

During tonight's episode, the young budding entrepreneur - played by Charlie G Hawkins - was finally unveiled as the mystery man Heather slept with following the yogurt pot lid incident back in February.

Earlier this week, Heather gave birth to a healthy baby boy who she quickly named George Michael Trott after her singing idol. Soon after, she called the father and left a voicemail to let him know the happy news.

Producers kept viewers guessing until the final minute of this evening's reveal episode, before showing Darren entering Heather's hospital room to see his son for the first time. No sooner had he set eyes on mother and son had he turned to run away.

Speaking exclusively to DS about the reveal, Fergison said: "Darren will be a good dad but he'll be very businesslike about it. He'll say that he doesn't really want to have anything to do with George but will pay his way for him."

She went on: "You'll see him change, though, and you'll start to see him getting attached. Shirley doesn't want Darren to go anywhere near George, though! It'll be interesting to see how they write it from here for Darren, especially with the Libby angle."

Since discovering the news about her pregnancy in April, Walford's residents and viewers alike have been puzzled over the identity of her mystery suitor.

While the nation was kept in the dark, bosses at the Albert Square soap also kept the information a secret from the actress herself.

Fergison, 45, added: "I've honestly not known that long at all. They didn't tell me and I kept going up to the story office asking but they wouldn't tell me! Then when I did find out, I don't think Charlie even knew! I've really enjoyed it all, though."

She joked: "I've been going around blaming Phillip Schofield!"

Source - Digital Spy


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