Fergison not expecting Queenie return

EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison has confirmed that she does not expect her screen mother to return to the soap any time soon.

Viewers will see Fergison's character Heather Trott giving birth to a healthy baby boy on the Walford drama next week, but the child's mean-spirited grandmother Queenie will not be present to share the happy moment.

Asked if fans can expect Queenie to be back in Albert Square after hearing the news, Fergison told DS: "Not as far as I know. Heather phones her up in the hospital explaining what's happened and basically she turns around and says that she can't believe Heather's had a baby and whoever got her pregnant must've been drunk as a skunk.

"It's a total realisation for Heather that she doesn't have her mother any longer. I think that'll be one of the last conversations Heather has with her mummy for a while."

Fergison also revealed that Heather's sidekick Shirley Carter will not be the child's godmother.

She said: "We filmed this recently and Heather's a bit upset because later on in the scripts, Heather asks her to be but Shirley says no. She says things like, 'I'll pay for his first pint and his first hooker, but I don't think I'm going to be his godmother'.

"That's if we get as far as the Christening, though. You never know with EastEnders, do you?!"

The arrival of Heather's baby will lead to the climax of her current 'Who's The Daddy?' plotline next week.

Source - Digital Spy


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