The Gentle Touch arrives in Walford

Jill Gascoine, star of C.A.T.S. Eyes and The Gentle Touch will arrive in Walford in the New Year playing Glenda Mitchell, long lost mother to Ronnie and Roxy.

Glenda causes a shock when she turns up in Walford unannounced! She was Archie’s beautiful, quiet and dutiful wife, but walked out on him when her daughters were in their early teens.

The girls have always been left in the dark as to why she left, but if Glenda’s marriage to Archie was like his short-lived relationship with Peggy, it wouldn't have been an easy marriage! However, the girls have never forgiven her for abandoning them.

Glenda arrives in the Square polished, demure, dynamic and assured. But is this the real Glenda? Neither Roxy, Ronnie, or Peggy can quite believe that the nervous and quiet Glenda they knew all those years ago has transformed into the self-made woman they see before them.

There are so many unanswered questions - what does she want and why has she turned up now? Why, did she walk out? And how will the Mitchells react to her arrival?

Actress, Jill says of joining the show: "I’m thrilled to be joining the cast EastEnders and I am really excited to be back on British TV.

Diederick Santer, Executive Producer adds: “I’m so looking forward to welcoming the hugely talented Jill to EastEnders. I have a very clear memory of watching C.A.T.S. Eyes every Friday night, while - to the fury of my mother - munching my way through an entire packet of Jaffa Cakes.

Jill’s character, Maggie Forbes, was always my favourite - tough, glamorous, and exciting - perfect qualities for Glenda Mitchell.

Source - EastEnders Website


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