Hawkins: 'Darren as dad would rock boat'

EastEnders actor Charlie G. Hawkins has claimed that Walford's Heather Trott would "rock the boat" if she revealed that his character is the father of her baby.

Hawkins's alter ego Darren Miller, who is currently in a relationship with Libby Fox, has emerged as one of the main suspects in the BBC soap's ongoing 'Who's The Daddy?' plot surrounding Heather's pregnancy.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Hawkins commented: "It would change everything. Darren would worry that Libby wouldn't marry him and what about Libby's parents Denise and Owen?

"I think he'd be alright as a dad, but he wouldn't want the burden. It'd rock the boat if it was Darren."

On his own experiences with children, the soap star continued: "My brother's got a 3-year-old boy and a 1-year-old girl, and I love them to bits. But they're so hyper after an hour with them, I'm knackered! Everyone says I was mad at that age as well, so they get it from me for sure."

Heather, played by Cheryl Fergison, will finally reveal the identity of the father after giving birth to a healthy baby boy next week.

Source - Digital Spy


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