Heather cakes give co-stars the Trotts

EastEnders Cheryl Fergison gave the show's crew aThe Trotts with her diabetic cakes.

They kept leaving Cheryl sugary grub she shouldn't eat for her scenes as Heather Trott.

And she got so cheesed-off that when the crew did eventually remember her special cakes, she played a trick on them.

The actress ate only a few and left the others for the props boys knowing they would not be able to resist.

Cheryl also knew the sweeteners they contain act as laxatives if overeaten.

The 45-year-old who has to inject insulin four times a day said: "I let the crew have the rest knowing the effect it would have. Next day they all complained of stomach ache and realised I need to think about what I eat!"

Cheryl, whose character had Darren Miller's baby last Friday, says Heather should be allowed to develop diabetes "because she's probably at risk".

Source - The Sun


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