Heather gives birth

For nine months, Heather has kept the identity of her unborn baby's father under wraps.

Now, as she gives birth to a beautiful boy George Michael Trott - Phil, Billy, Minty and Darren are all in the frame.

And the truth finally comes out!

"When the father is revealed, you'll see the angst of both of them," says Cheryl Fergison, who plays Heather.

"Even I was shocked when I found out."

The week begins with Heather all smiles as Pat, Patrick and Peggy arrange a baby shower for her.

But suddenly, her waters break!

Pat hotwires the ice-cream van to get them to hospital, and as Peggy and Pat bicker over who is to be birthing partner, Heather begs Patrick to stay with her.

The greatest hits of her beloved Wham! are the soundtrack to Heather's labour and soon her son is welcomed into the world!

"Heather's going to be a fantastic mum," adds Cheryl.

"She's been strong during the pregnancy and has done a lot on her own."

Afterwards, she decides it's time to break the news of George's arrival to his dad and hesitantly makes a life-changing phone call.

Mobiles go off across the Square as Phil, Minty, Billy and Darren all get messages - but which one is from Heather?

Eventually, the mystery man walks into Heather's hospital room. So, who is the daddy?

Source - The Sun


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