Jack & Sam Kiss

Sam Mitchell and Jack Branning find themselves in a passionate embrace in a fortnight's time as Sam begins to question her future with her fiancé Ricky Butcher.

After a series of run-ins with Bianca and Tiffany, Sam's had enough of lodging at Pat's and suggests to Ricky that they move out to a place of their own. Ricky, however, insists that they can't afford it. Sam manages to secure a job with Jack at R&R, much to Peggy and Phil's annoyance. Jack also gives her an advance on her wages.

Sam's delighted and shows Ricky the wad of cash she's acquired, but Ricky's forced to come clean - he's actually Tiffany's father. Dismayed after seeing Ricky's bond with the kids, Sam asks if she can move back in to The Vic but Phil's adamant - she can only move back in if she gives up her job at R&R.

Knowing that she has to quit before she's even started, Sam heads over to see Jack and while she's there Jack shows her the sexy uniform he acquired for her, before the pair find themselves in a passionate embrace...

These scenes air on Friday 16 October on BBC One

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


MackMac said…
Jack just can't have enough of them Mitchell girls. First Ronnie, then Roxy and now Sam.

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