Mistry surprised by gay Asian plot

Jimi Mistry has voiced surprise that EastEnders is doing another storyline featuring a gay Asian.

The actor played homosexual Dr Fred Fonseca in the soap back in 2000 and said that he was surprised by the current plot between Muslim Syed Masood and Christian Clarke.

He told PA: "It's amazing, isn't it? It was ten years ago when we did it and they're still going down that path.

"We call them 'gaysians'. It's like its own genre. They like these parts of being gay and Asian.

"I can't really comment though. I did my stint and I did see they were going along that road again but it's their choice.

"They must think that people have forgotten the last time they did it, so maybe they're just redoing it in a different way."

Source - Digital Spy


Anonymous said…
Great blog - dedicated follower.

Times have moved on since the storyline of 2000 & opinions have changed - the current Christian / Syed storyline has far more hooked - evident in all the YouTube coverage.

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