Naughty Sam beds Jack

Naughty Sam Mitchell beds Jack Branning in EastEnders next week behind her fiancé Ricky Butcher's back.

They end up romping after evil Archie convinces Jack to get on side with his plan to bankrupt the Mitchells.

The Branning bad boy previously smooched Sam despite already sleeping with her cousins Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell.

And next week he does the dirty with Sam too after going along with Archie's plan to set her up.

The pair go back to his flat while clueless Ricky waits alone for her in the Vic.

The next morninig Jack seems to have a change of heart and tells Archie he wants nothing more to do with the plot.

But when he hears Ricky comparing Bianca and Sam's skills in the bedroom and sees him kiss Sam, Jack snaps and later tells her he doesn't want to end their affair anytime soon.

See the couple's affair heat up next week in EastEnders on BBC1.

Source - The Sun


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