Nina: Gay fling must come out

The moment Zainab finds out her son's gay romance is bound to be explosive, and actress Nina Wadia can't wait.

She said she was looking forward to the "meaty" scripts which detail the big reveal.

Speaking at the Inside Soap Awards, Nina said: "I am waiting for those scripts because they will be pretty meaty scripts to work on.

"I am looking forward to how it is exposed, whether it's going to be Masood or Tamwar. I don't know who will find out first but at some point they will have to."

Asked how Zainab will react to the news, she said: "Knowing Zainab, not very well because the element with her is religion. How will relgiion allow her to react? That does play a huge part in it. It makes it more complicted to play and I love that she's three-dimensional."

Souce - Holy Soap


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