Nina kept mum to fool Josie

Nina Wadia, whose character Zainab is expecting her fourth child, revealed she fooled co-star Josie Lawrence into thinking she was really pregnant!

She only put a stop to the joke after her screen son punched her in her pretend stomach.

Speaking at the Inside Soap Awards, Nina said: "We have great fun fooling people. Josie lawrence hadn't been in for a while and she saw me and said 'Are you really pregnant now? That's so lovely, it's just wonderful.'

"It got to a point where she was being really sweet about it and I thought 'I've got to tell her, this is not right.'

"At that point Marc Elliott walked up and punched me in the stomach and said 'how's the baby doing mum?' Her face! We felt awful!"

Nina is currently onto her fifth baby bump and is filming scenes where she is seven months' pregnant.

But she said it hasn't given her any desire to extend her brood in real life.

She said: "I've just had two kids. I joined the show when my second one was just born so I've still got baby stuff happening at home."

Source - Holy Soap


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