Owen Returns to the square

Patrick hits the roof when he finds out Owen has returned to the Square.

After initially telling him to sling his hook, Patrick reluctantly agrees to let the ex-con stay for a while when Libby pleads with him. But can Owen be trusted?

"Libby begs Patrick to let Owen stay for a few days," says Belinda Owusu, who plays the teen. "She just wants time with her dad."

The week begins with Patrick and Liz going on a date. As they enjoy a drink, she receives a mysterious phone calls then announces she's had a better offer!

Liz rushes into the Square ­ and quickly spots Owen.

As they talk, the ex-jailbird says that he fears slipping back into his old ways.
Liz sneaks him into Dot's house, but is rumbled by Pat, who is there caring for Jim.

It doesn't take Pat long to tell Patrick, who goes mad, giving Owen just 24 hours to move on.

But when Libby hears her dad is back, she races home. She asks Patrick to let Owen stick around ­ and he eventually gives in.

"Libby would love for both sides of the family to get along," laughs Belinda. "But she knows it's a long shot!"

Source - The Sun


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