Owusu: 'Libby should marry Darren'

Belinda Owusu has revealed that she wants her EastEnders character to marry boyfriend Darren Miller.

According to Bang Showbiz, the actress, who plays Libby Fox in the BBC soap, thinks that the couple are meant to be together.

She stated: "In ten years' time, I think she'll own the Walford Gazette and be married to Darren, with a kid who looks like Libby but with worse specs. They'd be a nice couple without affairs the only pair in Walford with no drama. But that's too much to ask for, I think."

Owusu also said that she gets on well with actor Charlie G. Hawkins, who plays Darren, and revealed that they like to mess around in between takes.

She commented: "We kid around all the time because we're both big Friends fans. We can spend hours doing impressions of the characters. He reckons he knows Friends better than I do, but I swear he doesn't."

Source - Digital Spy


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