Paranoid Syed Masood

Syed Masood starts to get paranoid about his blackmailer in 'EastEnders'.

The Muslim character is still desperate to keep his gay affair with Christian Clarke a secret, and when he receives a blackmail threat begins to suspect even the most unlikely people.

Marc Elliott, who plays Syed, said: "At the beginning of the week, Syed thinks his brother, Tamwar, is behind the sly campaign.

"They're family, but there are a lot of issues between them. Tamwar feels Syed has always been the number one son in their mum's eyes and is fed up with it"

He then suspects cafe owner Ian Beale after he sees him fiddling with his phone at the same time he gets a text message but it quickly proves unfounded.

Marc said his character is also wary of Christian's step-niece, Lucy Beale.

He added: "Lucy's a sly one. She's more astute than people give her credit for. Sometimes Christian and Syed aren't as subtle as they could be, so maybe Lucy has picked up on the chemistry between them."

There are also a number of other candidates across Albert Square who will appear in the frame, including Janine Butcher and even Syed's fiancee, Amira.

Source - Virgin Media


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