Partridge: 'Christian, Syed are in love'

EastEnders actor John Partridge has claimed that his character's secret relationship with Syed Masood should be regarded as true love rather than lust.

Viewers have seen Partridge's alter ego Christian Clarke embarking on a gay love affair with Syed in recent months. The romance has brought inner turmoil for Syed as he struggles to reconcile his sexuality with his beliefs as a practising Muslim.

Speaking to DS, Partridge explained: "At this point in time I do think they fall in love with each other completely. I think Syed's lived so long compartmentalising his feelings and he's quite happy doing that, but I think we've recently started to see that unravel with the massive confession that Syed made to the imam.

"I don't think he would ever have made that confession if he wasn't in love with Christian. It's the first time he's ever told anybody about his feelings outside the relationship and he chose to do this to his religious mentor.

"He could have carried on living the life he's been living, but obviously the feelings are increasing and he doesn't know what to do with them. If that's not love, what is it? It's not lust - lust doesn't drive you to question your whole religious belief. Lust is something you can have and then wipe yourself down and walk away. This is far bigger than that."

Partridge, who is openly gay in real life, recently said that he is "immensely proud" of the way the Christian and Syed plot is being handled.

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I live in the US but I've gotten hooked on Christian & Syed episodes on YouTube. However, I want to know if the episodes are longer and how can I find them online to purchase or order to see the entire episodes.

Also, I can't seem to find anymore after episode 43. Is the show through for the year or what?

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