Partridge: 'I love Laurie Brett to death'

EastEnders star John Partridge has revealed that his screen sister Laurie Brett is like a real-life sibling.

The actor, who plays gay caterer Christian Clarke on the soap, told DS that he enjoys working with Brett because he has grown close to her off screen and she reminds him of his own sister.

Speaking of Christian and Jane's connection, he explained: "It's one of those relationships where I don't need to tell her every single thing or be with her all the time but if something really goes wrong, he knows Jane would be there for him and likewise he's there for her.

"It's like my own relationship with my sister. In actual fact, Laurie and my real-life sister share the same birthday! Both Aries, born on the same day two years apart.

"We're actually more like brother and sister than anybody knows! I have a great working relationship and personal relationship with Laurie, I love her to death."

Partridge added that viewers can expect Christian to support Jane as she continues to dream of becoming a mother.

He said: "[Christian] lives his life thinking if that's what you want you've got to go for it and, in some ways, screw the consequences. People make that out to be selfish but if you need something for your own happiness you have to grab the opportunity.

"Christian would love nothing more for her than to have a baby no matter what the cost. He would encourage her to go for it."

Source - Digital Spy


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