Partridge: 'I want Lynda Baron back'

EastEnders star John Partridge has revealed that he would love to see Lynda Baron return to play his screen mum on the soap.

The 38-year-old actor told DS that the forthcoming fiery climax to his character Christian Clarke's gay love storyline would provide the perfect opportunity for Baron to come back.

Baron joined EastEnders for a short stint as Linda Clarke in 2006. She then returned in 2008 before bowing out again earlier this year.

Speaking about the possibility of a third spell for the actress, Partridge commented: "God, I don't know - how fabulous is she? She couldn't be more perfect - an old showgirl hoofer! When she was here it was hilarious. Me, Laurie [Brett] and Lynda singing showtunes and highkicking - it was all eyes, t*ts and teeth down this corridor.

"I think the thing was I don't think Lynda ever wanted to stay very long. She was quite happy to come in for a little stint and go away. I don't think it's something where she ever thought she'd be here for a long time. I'd love her to come back and give Christian a good talking to - it's when he'll need his mum. She's an absolute legend."

Baron is best known for her role as Nurse Gladys Emanuel in classic sitcom Open All Hours.

Source - Digital Spy


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