Partridge: 'Zainab is going to explode'

EastEnders actor John Partridge has predicted that his co-star Nina Wadia will perform like an "absolute lioness" when his character's relationship with her screen son Syed Masood is exposed.

Partridge's alter ego Christian Clarke has been developing a close partnership with Syed in recent months, while Wadia's bossy character Zainab, Syed's fiancée Amira Shah and the rest of the Masoods remain clueless.

Speaking about the highly-anticipated reveal episodes, Partridge told DS: "Me and Nina have some corking scenes coming up, absolutely blood-curdling scenes and I cannot wait to play them with her. I love Nina - she's brilliant, funny, comic - but when she turns she's like an absolute lioness.

"I cannot wait to stand in front of her and feel the wrath of it. That's what's going to happen - she's going to explode."

The star also revealed that he has mixed feelings as he edges closer to the plot's fiery climax.

He explained: "I am so looking forward to it. It feels like Christmas Eve - all that anticipation!

It's like I can't wait to wake up and open all my fabulous things! When you've worked on something and invested so much in something - we've all gotten so close in all of this as well.

"In some ways we can't wait for those episodes to start but we also know in some ways that it's like the end of an act of a play. It's a double-edged sword in a way. I don't want to big it up too much yet but the writing is so brilliant.

"Everything comes out - the blood and guts and tears and shouting. Everything you've wanted to be said will be said within these episodes, they are amazing."

Source - Digital Spy


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