Rob: I need to hit the gym!

He's won a few Sexiest Male gongs in his time.

But ex-EastEnder Rob Kazinsky still can't get his head around why people want him to get his kit off.

The actor, who recently filmed a viral for Radox which saw him strip off and get in a bath, said his body isn't what it was.

Speaking from the shoot, Rob said: "I'm not in the shape I used to be. I don't know why I'm getting paid to do this."

He went on: "You get used to doing things which aren't entirely natural as an actor, and standing naked in front of people seems to be one I come up with over and over again.

"I seem to be constantly getting my kit off in TV shows and films but if that's the only way I get jobs long may it continue."

The 25-year-old modestly said any awards he won for his sexiness were down to "a lack of options" on the viewers' part, and said he really needed to hit a gym.

He added: "I haven't been to the gym in five years, since way before EastEnders. It's only my own fault. I do need to go to the gym. I'm just too lazy."

For the campaign Rob strips off and gets into a bath. See him bare all at

Source - Holy Soap


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