Ronnie Arrested for Archie's Murder

EastEnders Ronnie Mitchell will be arrested on suspicion of murdering her dad.

The blonde Mitchell bombshell is the prime suspect when Archie is bumped off at Christmas.

Archie has been planning to bring down the Mitchells since his return to Albert Square.

He’ll evict estranged wife Peggy from the Queen Vic on Christmas Day after buying a loan secured on the pub from Ian Beale.

But just when Archie is reveling in his triumph he’ll be sent off to meet his maker, and there’s no shortage of suspects. Ronnie is the most obvious and is promptly whisked off to a police station and locked up. But in keeping with EastEnders tradition we reckon that means she’s actually the least likely to have done it.

A show insider told The Mirror: "Archie's got an endless stream of enemies, including wife Peggy, other daughter Roxy and son-in-law Phil, who nearly killed him once before.

"And that's not forgetting his future fiancée Janine, who has a track record of bumping off her partners to get at their cash."

So, who could it have been? Peggy? Janine? Dot? Yes, Dot. When it comes to EastEnders, we have our beady eye on everyone.

Source - Sky Tv


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