Walford stars call for more diversity

EastEnders stars Nina Toussaint-White and John Partridge have claimed that the soap needs to work harder to reflect life in London.

Toussaint-White, who plays Syd Chambers in the BBC One drama, told The Sun that she would like to see producers introducing more ethnic minority characters and mixed race relationships.

Viewers have already seen Walford newcomer Syd striking up a romance with Bradley Branning in recent months.

Reflecting on the plotline, she commented: "You never got mixed-race relationships before and I'd like to see more of them. It's getting better but it's under-represented.

"EastEnders is set in London and there are a lot of black people, Asian families and other cultures there and it doesn't show that."

Discussing the show's rivals, she added: "The other soaps are Northern so the diverse culture we have in London doesn't always apply up there."

Meanwhile, Partridge has suggested that the show's writers should create more gay plotlines in the years ahead. His character Christian Clarke has fallen for Muslim businessman Syed Masood this year.

He said: "There still need to be more gay storylines because gay is mainstream now. You've only got to turn on your TV to see gay presenters, journalists - it's all out there.

"As much as I say it's not a big deal there's still a taboo about it. While some people say it's difficult to show a gay relationship at 7.30pm, what's so offensive about two men together really? So I think 'Bring it on - the more kissing the better!'"

A spokeswoman for the programme insisted: "EastEnders has always reflected the diversity of London's East End. The Masood and Fox families are among our most loved characters with some of the most topical and groundbreaking stories."

Source - Digital Spy


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