Will Archie gain control of The Vic?

A report in one of today's tabloids suggests that EastEnders villain Archie Mitchell played by Larry Lamb will gain control of The Vic at Christmas and evict Peggy, Phil, Ronnie, Roxy, Billy, Jay and Ben.

The story apparently begins to unfold when Archie and his co-conspirator Janine get engaged, much to Peggy's anger.

With the Mitchells' financial situation having taken a turn for the worse thanks to Sam's £250,000 bail money denting their accounts, Peggy and Phil allegedly turn to Ian for a loan. However, rumour has it that the situation takes a turn for the worse when Ian sells the loan on to Archie.

When Peggy and Phil default on their payments, Archie swoops in like a hawk and reportedly seizes control of the iconic pub, before evicting everyone.

Speaking at the Inside Soap Awards on Monday night, Larry said: "It's not good, not good. It's all going very wrong. I think he's involved himself in some deep, dark stuff and I've got the beginnings of an inkling of an idea that it's all about to turn terribly nasty for Archie. I think he's maybe going to end up in hospital or something like that. I have an idea..."

He added: "[Janine and Archie] are a terrible, terrible, terrible combination. I think she's certainly likely to be involved in anything that goes wrong with Archie because they're so thick. Everything they're doing is a co-plot at the moment."

Whether the storyline unfolds as reported remains to be seen.

An EastEnders spokesperson told me this afternoon: "It's too early to confirm storylines so far in advance as it spoils the surprise for viewers, but fans can expect to witness high drama and Mitchell mayhem in the run-up to Christmas in Walford."Let me know your views on the above using the usual form below!

Source - Digital Spy


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