Jekyll-and-Hyde Lucas Johnson

Actor Don Gilet admitted he enjoys the "Jekyll-and-Hyde aspect" of his 'EastEnders' character Lucas Johnson.

Having already let his drug-addict wife Trina die after pushing her onto a garden rake, Lucas is now set to get rid of his love rival Owen, his new partner Denise's ex-husband.

Talking about Lucas, Don said: "Every actor enjoys playing a character who's flawed - but how long can Lucas continue to hide the dark side of himself before the cracks start to show? I think a lot of people reckon the clock might be ticking."

"This story has shocked some people! I was getting fan mail where people were saying what a nice guy he was - and, of course, now they know he's not."

Speaking about the current interaction between Lucas and Owen, he added: "They're locking horns. These are guys with chequered pasts and an intense mutual distrust of each other."

Lucas first appeared on Albert Square in early 2008.

Source - Virgin Media


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