The Albert Square killers?

EastEnders stars Samantha Womack and Scott Maslen were spotted filming scenes in a cemetery.

The pair were stood by Archie Mitchell's graveside and looked pretty shifty - so could one of them be the killer?

Lord knows Ronnie has reason, as dad Archie's lies and manipulation led to her daughter Danielle's death.

Or it could be Jack, who still blames the car lot owner for his break up with former fiancée Ronnie.

Baddie Archie is set to be bumped off at Christmas, leading to one of those classic EastEnders whodunit mysteries.

And the suspects are stacking up, as Archie has plenty of enemies in Albert Square.

Top of the list must be his daughters Ronnie and Roxy, his estranged wife Peggy and her son Phil.

They are all set to be evicted when Archie takes over the Queen Vic.

But let's not forget Janine, who by that time will be Archie's fiancée and who already has a track record for bumping off spouses...

Source - The Sun


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