Don Gilet: 'Denise isn't a token wife'

EastEnders actor Don Gilet has insisted that his character Lucas Johnson does not simply regard Denise Wicks as a trophy partner.

Troubled priest Lucas will be seen killing off Denise's ex-husband Owen Turner next week after his suspicions threaten to spoil their wedding plans.

Speaking in an interview with DS, Gilet explained that Lucas and Denise's relationship cannot be classed purely as true love nor a marriage of convenience, describing the shop assistant as "the good woman [Lucas] thinks he should have".

"It's not quite as simple as a token wife. She's a strong woman and she's his rock, so if those two can survive, they can take on the world," Gilet commented.

He continued: "[Lucas has] found a woman who's strong-willed, strong-minded, a good mother to their shared child and to Libby and Jordan. It's kind of ideal and he's worked so hard for it. Nothing, but nothing, should stop that - he deserves to have this.

"It's one of these situations where he likes the idea that he's earned this relationship. That seems to be more of a priority than the pure love he has for her. He loves what he's earned and he's now this respectable person who wants to hold on to what he has by any means necessary."

Lucas has already been seen accidentally killing his previous wife Trina. Though he managed to cover up his involvement in her death, next week's plot twist comes as Owen discovers the truth about his sinister deeds.

Source - Digital Spy


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