Don Gilet unsure over Lucas's future

EastEnders actor Don Gilet has admitted that he does not know what to expect next from his sinister Walford character Lucas Johnson.

Viewers have already seen man of the cloth Lucas accidentally killing wife Trina before desperately covering up his involvement in her death.

In next week's episodes of the Walford-based drama, Lucas's menacing side will emerge again as he bumps off Owen Turner, the ex-husband of his fiancée Denise Wicks.

Discussing how Lucas's storyline could continue, Gilet told DS: "I really don't know. Using common sense you feel there's a natural end to certain things - there's an arc of a story - and you think how long can you get away with this? Is there more to him? Is he likely to do this again?

"Those questions haven't been revealed to me yet, so I don't know but I'm quite happy to take one day at a time. At some point they'll have to tell me how far he goes but until they do that I'm on the crest of this complex and evil wave so I'm having fun with it."

The latest plot twist comes as Owen manages to discover the truth about the death of Trina shortly before Lucas's wedding day.

Gilet commented: "Owen holds a mirror up to Lucas and that's what causes him to fly into a rage. Lucas clearly doesn't want to see himself for what he is. Nothing is going to get in the way of him and this wedding."

Source - Digital Spy


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