EastEnders launches 'E20' theme competition

Producers behind EastEnders' online soap spinoff E20 today launched a nationwide contest to create the web programme's theme tune.

Budding DJs, remixers, music students and show fans have the unique opportunity to create a modern take on one of the most iconic themes in UK television history and have their vision dubbed over E20's opening credits.

E20 is a 13-part web-only miniseries that the BBC commissioned to tie in with its flagship soap's 25th anniversary in February.

Describing the brief of the remix, E20 producer Deborah Sathe outlined: "I am looking for a fresh take on the classic EastEnders theme tune - one that will become the fanfare for a show which celebrates London life, and what it's like to be young in the capital. All in the space of 30 seconds!"

EastEnders' executive producer Diederick Santer added: "I have no idea what to expect with this and that excites me hugely. That's what's brilliant about the entire project - we're asking a whole new set of people to come at EastEnders from a fresh angle and to surprise us - and the audience - with what they do."

Sample elements of the recently rescored theme can be downloaded from E20's official website, where submissions must be uploaded before 1pm on Monday, November 30.

The winning remix will become E20's official theme and the winner will spend the day with EastEnders' music producer and take a trip behind the scenes at the BBC soap

Source - Digital Spy


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