Lucas Johnson to kill again

EastEnders holier-than-thou priest Lucas Johnson is to commit murder at the end of the month when he kills his fiancée's ex-husband Owen Turner.

In a one-hour episode, Lucas played by Babyfather actor Don Gilet reaches boiling point with Owen on his wedding day to Denise as Owen continues to push for the truth about Trina's death.

On the eve of Lucas's nuptials, Owen realises the true extent of Lucas's involvement in his ex-wife's demise and confronts Walford's man of the cloth with his beliefs. However, concerned that his web of lies is about to untangle, Lucas tries to force Owen out of Walford.

Despite his attempts to remain calm, Lucas snaps and ends Owen's life to ensure his sins remain a secret.

In an ironic twist to the tale, Lucas then decides to bury Owen's body under Trina's memorial tree in the Square.

A show source told DS: "Lucas realises that his game's nearly up and panic-stricken, he lunges at Owen and takes his life so he can't tell anyone else that he covered what actually happened when Trina died."

Source - Digital Spy


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